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Many people think that the SR22 is an insurance but actually it’s not the case. The SR22 insurance (also called SR22 Bond) is actually a form which gives you the legal permission to drive your vehicle. A large number of people use the low cost sr22 insurance in order to complete their legal documents. The SR22 form needs some steps to follow. You have to contact the legal authorities in order to get the an SR22 Bond.

How the SR22 Insurance Works?

The SR22 insurance form must be sent by your insurance company to the motor vehicle department. In this form, the insurance company tells the motor vehicle authority that the particular person means you are the real owner of the vehicle and you will be legally responsible in case of any accident or mishap caused due to the misuse of the vehicle. This is a legal process which has to be followed by every individual having the ownership of any vehicle. The main purpose of the SR22 is to keep the proper record of all the vehicles and their legal owners. You cannot drive your vehicle legally without the SR22 Bond. The SR22 form is not compulsory for everyone. The legal authorities point out the specific individuals on the basis of some facts for getting the sr22 insurance. The laws for SR22 Bond may vary from one state and country to the other so you must contact the state authority before getting the SR22 coverage.

Who Needs SR22 Bond Insurance?

The SR22 Bond is needed by individuals due to some reasons. A person without vehicle insurance may need this form. Following are some other reasons due to which the traffic police ask you for the SR22 bond in order to drive the vehicle legally:

  • Rash driving
  • Repeated traffic offenses
  • Suspended or revoked license
  • Serious moving violation

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